Canada's Information Security Company

Informatica Has Been Canada's Partner for Cybersecurity Adoption for Over 3 Decades

Why Partner With Informatica?

Three quarters of Canadians trust companies that demonstrate privacy and security compliance. The power of brand marketing is no substitute for privacy compliance and information security standards. Informatica helps Canadian companies to expertly manage audit and compliance programs.

Partner for Expertise

Your professionally certified Risk Advisor™ plans, manages and executes on privacy and compliance projects that apply to people, process and technology.

Partner for Compliance

Informatica's on-demand solutions start with your dedicated Verify Audit Portal™ and support compliance with PIPEDA, PHIPA, MFIPPA, Bill 64 and Loi 25, among many others.

Partner for Assurance

Informatica's best-of-breed Verify™ Information Risk Assessment delivers standardized security assurance with official attestations and standards-based reporting for ISO27001, PCI-DSS, SOC2, GDPR compliance.